A Plan to Return America to Greatness: Other needed changes/laws (other than the constitutional amendments described in Blog #1)

Congress cannot be exempt from any law imposed upon the people of this country, and they cannot have separate laws which benefit themselves financially or with greater legal protections than all Americans. [e.g. no government-provided pensions other than Social Security; no pensions or special benefits for having served in Congress]

Congress cannot vote on their own pay raises. Pay will increase/decrease by the COLA (Cost-of-Living Adjustment.)

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A Plan to Return America to Greatness: Needed Constitutional Amendments

I want to talk about things in-order-of-importance to turning our country around. Making that choice is not a perfect science. Our financial stability is crucial, it is paramount to create more jobs — and this hinges on tax reform — yet the existential threat from Iran could be considered most crucial by some. So forgive me that I had to make a choice where to start — and I have chosen the broad category of “needed amendments to our constitution.” In dealing with this broad of an issue, we will initially leave out the small issues/details.

The 4 New Amendments

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