September 03, 2016
Contact: Mark Oxner

Gas Tax

Gas Tax Increased 5 Cents a Gallon by Osceola Democrats

The Osceola Republicans Respond with an Entertaining Advertisement

Kissimmee, FL, September 10, 2016– The Osceola Republican Party has just released a brand new online video ad.  The advertisement is a parody of the Appliance Direct commercial, pointing out the 5 cent gas tax increase the Osceola Democrats pushed though.  The gas tax came into effect at the start of the 2016.

“Osceola residents are being taxed enough.  What we don’t need is a regressive gas tax that hurts those with the greatest need.” – Mark Oxner, Chairman of the Osceola County Republican Executive Committee

The Osceola County Republican Executive Committee is an organization that works towards putting Republican candidates into place with conservative values in Osceola County.

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 If you would like more information about the Osceola Republican’s ad, please contact Mark Oxner at